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Patterns: Die Tränen der Unsichtbaren | Tears of the invisible


“Die Tränen eines ehemaligen Häuptlings” (Tear sof a former clan chief) | Ebele Okoye 2012 | Acrylic & Charcoal on Canvas | 200 x 70 cm


 The Exhibition | Die Ausstellung

“Die Tränen der unsichtbaren (Tears of the invisible)covers a series of my works focussing on social criticism, from Animations to Paintings. In this current era where media reports focus on things which are not quite and specifically informative, some of us have forgotten what is truly of importance. We are constantly confronted with the tears of those who are in media limelight, yet the tears of those in our closest vicinity remains invisible to us

“Die Tränen der unsichtbaren (Tears of the invisible)umfasst eine Reihe meiner Arbeit als Visuelle Künstlerin (Animationsfilme und Malerei) die gesellschaftskritisch sind. Gerade in diese Zeit, wo ständig von Dingern berichtet werden, die nicht unbedingt als Informativ gelten, gibt es Menschen, die vergessen habe denen was wirklich wichtig ist. Wir ständig mit den Tränen dessen konfrontiert, der in Medienrampenlicht steht aber die unseren nahstehenden bleiben uns verborgen


This Painting

Just as I was getting ready for the exhibition above, which by the way came on a very short notice, the political landscape of Germany offered some more interesting critical points which immediately got stuck in my head as an image resulting in the painting “Die Träenen eines ehemaligen Häuptling” (Tears of a former Clan Chief) . It got finished two days after the incident.  HERE is the link to an elaborate blog dedicated to just what triggered off the painting. The painting is  going to be shown publicly for the first time  on Friday 24 Feb. 2012 alongside other works of mine in an the above-mentioned exhibition.

Venue: okk| raum 29 (organ kritischer Kunst)

Address: Prinzenallee 29, 13359 Berlin

Dates: Friday 24th feb. 2012, 19:30 Hrs;Vernissage | Saturday 25th feb. 2012, 19.00 Hrs;  Presentation of my animations with a Q & A session.



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Tränen der Unsichtbaren (Tears of the invisible)



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